Linguistics Labs at the University of Arizona

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Linguistics Labs at the University of Arizona

Anthropological Linguistics Lab

Arizona Center for Theoretical Syntax

  • website
  • Directors: Andrew Carnie, Heidi Harley
  • Affiliated Faculty: Tom Bever, Andrew Barss, Shelia Dooley Collberg, Simin Karimi, Eloise Jelinek, Terry Langendoen, Mario Montalbetti, Janet Nicol, Antxon Olarrea, Rudy Troike,  Mary Willie
  • The Syntax Center provides computing and resource materials for the study of topics in theoretical syntax. The center has regular meetings to discuss on going projects, and sponsors a salon on talks and presentations. Students are strongly encouraged to attend lab meetings. Current projects include: Verb Initial Syntax, telicity and argument structure. Uto-Aztecan and Athapaskan Syntax, scrambling, binding and the interface conditions.

Arizona Phonological Imaging Lab

Bever Lab

  • Director: Thomas Bever
  • This lab works with undergraduates and graduate students in two labs. One is devoted to studying human language and cognition, while people understand sentences. The second lab is devoted to studying spatial behavior and cerebral asymmetries in rats.

Developmental Psycholinguistics Lab

  • Director: Cecile McKee
  • This lab studies language development, especially in children. The emphasis is on experimental studies of syntax. An example of recent research produced by the Developmental Psycholinguistics Lab is a series of studies of children’s production and judgements of relative clauses. This research shows, for example, the importance of frequency factors but distinguishes them from syntactic competence.

Douglass Phonetics Lab

  • Douglass Phonetics Lab
  • Director: Natasha Warner
  • The phonetics lab in the Douglass Building is outfitted for research and teaching in articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, speech perception, psycholinguistics, and speech technology. Current research focuses on the perception and processing of phonetic variability, including allophonic variability and the reduction typical of fast, casual speech.
  • Location: Douglass Rooms 316, 318-A, 318-D

Human Language Technology Lab

The Native American Languages Dictionary

Phonological Acquisition Lab (PAL)

  • Director: Diane Ohala
  • The Phonological Acquisition Lab works with pre-school age children with normal language development as well as children with speech-language impairment. Our focus is on children's developing speech with an aim towards understanding how and why children make the particular sound errors they do, with the ultimate goal of explaining the consistent, non-random and cross-linguistic patterns that occur in the speech of young children as well as the deviations from the norm.
  • Location: Douglass 220 (the Nemo Room)

Phonetics Research Lab

  • Director: Dick Demers
  • The Phonetics lab is a resource available to the faculty and students of the Linguistics Department.
  • Location: Communication Room 303

Psycholinguistics and Computational Linguistics Lab (PsyCoL)

  • website
  • Directors: Adam Ussishkin and Andy Wedel
  • The PsyCoL lab works on issues relating to lexical access, psycholinguistics, computational modeling of language evolution, and electronic resources for linguistic research such as electronic dictionaries.

Psycholinguistics West

  • Director: Janet Nicol
  • This lab contains multiple test booths, each furnished with equipment suitable to conducting psycholinguistics experiments. Including eye-tracking devices that monitor eye-movements during reading.
  • Location: Communication Room 314, phone: (520) 626-8187


Tweety Language Development Lab

  • website
  • Director: LouAnn Gerken
  • The Tweety Language Development Lab asks how infants and young children infer aspects of linguistic structure, including phonology and syntax.


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