Department of Applied Linguistics at Penn State University

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Department of Applied Linguistics

Penn State University

The Department of Applied Linguistics at Penn State's University Park campus is part of the College of the Liberal Arts. In teaching, research and service, its mission is to advance understandings of language use and language learning from a range of anthropological, sociological, and psychological perspectives.

Our outstanding faculty are committed to teaching and mentoring students. They are recognized world wide for their topically and geographically diverse research involving a broad spectrum of languages and settings. Areas of specialization include discourse analysis; classroom discourse; corpus linguistics; language and cognition; culture, health, and aging; second and foreign language and literacy teaching and learning; sociocultural theory; technology and language learning; and teacher education.

Our students come from all around the world and, through their active participation in the department’s activities, help to create a vibrant and stimulating intellectual community.

If you would like to pursue graduate study leading to the Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (MA/TESL) or Doctorate in Applied Linguistics (PhD), please click here for information on procedures and processes. For information on our undergraduate offerings, click here.


If you want to improve your English, please consult one of the following programs administered by our department.

International Teaching Assistants Program (ITA)
This program is specifically designed for international graduate students already admitted to the University who need to improve language and communication skills necessary to serve as teaching assistants in their respective departments
The English as A Second Language Program (ESL)
Courses offered in this program are for both undergraduate and graduate students who are already enrolled in Penn State and wish to improve their academic skills.

Individuals who wish to improve their English skills and are not enrolled in a University program may be interested in the Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) offered through University Outreach.

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